T'ewe Knit Wits

K1 is fun...K2tog is even better!


Are ewe (pronounced "you") looking for some bling to mark your knitting progress?  Are ewe searching for some stripey sock yarn? ...Well, ewe've come to the right place.

Our Products and Services

We offer hand-made, beautiful, beaded stitch markers; hand-dyed, self-striping, sock yarn in a variety of flavors, we call 'em Yarn Cake Shakes.  Please click on the links below to shop.

Shipping & Return Policies

Currently, we only ship within the United States.  While we certainly hope that you never encounter a problem with our products, we would be happy to have you visit our contact page and send us a message, so that we can make it right.  Our Yarn Cake Shakes are non-returnable.

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